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What is this Club all about?

Every proud engineer aspires to be an achiever in career and life. Time and again, you experience a moment where you require someone to show you the various career paths, someone who drives your motivation, who advices you when you are stuck. “The power of life is the power of togetherness”. Together as an exclusive engineering students club, you derive the opportunity to connect, explore and leverage the opportunities around you. With the deep connects from the industry and academia, Achievers Club leverages the potential of student community. The goal of the Achievers Club is to inspire students to excel personally, academically and professionally. We aim and thrive to bring out the ideas and foster the scientific temper inside you.

Objectives of Achievers Elite Club

  1. To make students ready for
    • Technical Rounds of Campus Placement Process
    • GATE Interviews (IITs & NITs)
    • PSU Job interviews
    • Interviews of Core Companies
  2. To provide practical exposure about Engineering Project Design
  3. To help students improve their technical knowledge and Skills (Core Engineering Skills)
  4. To revamp and rebrand the resumes of students which can elevate their job search (Through participation certificates for Workshops and Live Projects)