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Class Committee Cell

A class committee is formed for every class in which teachers of the concerned class, student representatives and a chairperson who is not teaching that class are members. It is like the ‘Quality Circle’ with the overall goal of improving the teaching-learning process. Ms. Sarika P S is the Coordinators of Class Committee Cell. The functions of the class committee includes

  • Solving problems experienced by students in the class room and in the laboratories
  • Clarifying the regulation of the programme and the details of rules therein
  • Informing the student representatives about the academic schedule including the dates of assessments and the syllabus coverage for each assessment
  • Informing the student representatives about the details of Regulations regarding weightage used for each assessment. In the case of practical courses (laboratory/drawing/project work/seminar etc.,) the breakup of marks for each experiment or exercise/module of work, should be clearly discussed in the class committee meeting and informed to the students.
  • Analyzing the performance of the students of the class after each test and finding ways and means of solving problems, if any.
  • Identifying the weak students, if any, and requesting the teachers concerned to provide some additional help or guidance or coaching to such weak students.