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The VLSI and Embedded Systems MTech program will cover the fundamentals and engineering aspect of designing and developing IC based systems. Traditionally VLSI technology has emerged out as a successful conglomeration of two streams: material science and electrical engineering. The state of the art VLSI technology requires research in physical devices as well as novel design and development of electrical circuit. The program will focus on developing hands-on skill of designing semiconductor devices and circuits, architecting systems using embedded components such as, CPU, memory and peripherals. Students will be trained in several topics that cut across different domain, starting from lowermost level of physical devices to the top level of application development.




 To prepare the students to excel and develop expertise in the field of Embedded Systems Design.

 Students can expect to have a workable knowledge of necessary software and hardware tools to do so.

 To impart theoretical as well as practical knowledge of Advanced Microcontrollers, CMOS and VLSI Design, VHDL, Real Time Operating Systems, Digital Signal Processing and DBMS with .NET framework.



Engineering programmes have been designed to prepare graduates for attaining the following program outcomes:

  1. an ability to devise and conduct experiments, interpret data and provide well informed conclusions
  2. an ability to understand the impact of engineering solutions in a contemporary, global, economical, environmental, and societal context for sustainable development
  3. an ability to function professionally with ethical responsibility as an individual as well as in multidisciplinary teams with positive attitude
  4. an ability to communicate effectively
  5. an ability to appreciate the importance of goal setting and to recognize the need for life-long reflective learning