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B.Tech Computer Science Engineering

The Computer Science and Engineering Department aims to maintain a program of excellence in teaching, research, and service for all of its programs.  At the undergraduate level, we will provide students with a firm foundation of both the theory and practice of Computer Science and Engineering.  Our curricula also give students the social, ethical, and liberal education needed to make significant contributions to society.  Students receiving a bachelor’s degree are ready to enter the work force as productive computer scientists or computer engineers, or to continue their education at the graduate or professional level.


  1. Students will establish themselves as effective professionals by solving real problems through the use of computer science knowledge and with attention to team work, effective communication, critical thinking and problem solving skills.
  2. Students will demonstrate their ability to adapt to a rapidly changing environment by having learned and applied new skills and new technologies.
  3. Students will be provided with an educational foundation that prepares them for excellence, leadership roles along diverse career paths with encouragement to professional ethics and active participation needed for a successful career.


  1. Graduates will be in position to apply knowledge of mathematics, physics, and chemistry and allied engineering subjects as applicable to Computer Science and Engineering.
  2. Graduates will have the ability to identify, formulate and design solutions in the areas of Computer Science and Engineering.
  3. Graduates are able to adopt any modern engineering tool or software for analyzing and solving various computer engineering problems.
  4. Graduates will have knowledge of professional and ethical responsibilities.
  5. The broad education necessary to analyze the local and global impact of computing and engineering solutions on individuals, organizations, and society
  6. Recognition of the need for, and an ability to engage in continuing professional development and life-long Learning