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B.Tech Electronics & Communication Engineering

The Electronics and Communication Engineering Department is trains the students to have in-depth knowledge of the subjects in the field of Electronics and Communication engineering thereby making them to develop confidence for challenges in the industry as well as R & D activities. The Electronics and communication department seeks to create Centre of Excellence in thrust areas for the development of society and nation.


  1. Our Graduates would be successful in Technical and Professional careers.
  2. Our Graduates would be successful in their post-undergraduate studies at leading institutions.


Graduates of Electronics and Communication Engineering Programme will have the ability

  1. To analyze the complex engineering problems by using the first principles of Mathematics and Engineering fundamentals.
  2. To design a component, a system or process to meet the specific needs within the realistic constraints such as economics, environment, ethics, health, safety and manufacturability.
  3. To perform investigations, design as well as conduct experiments, analyze and interpret the results to provide valid conclusions.
  4. To offer engineering solutions to societal problems.
  5. To understand that the solutions have to be provided taking the environmental issues and sustainability into consideration.
  6. To understand professional responsibilities and Ethics.
  7. To function effectively either as a member or a leader in a multi disciplinary activities.

To communicate effectively to both the peers and the others and give as well receive clear instructions.